Skop Tugas

Posted on April 12, 2018



  • Supervise and make sure that the committee do their work
  • Host meetings – prepare meeting agenda
  • Ensure practices start on time
  • Decide on everything – excluding scores and pieces
  • Apply for important documents
  • Arrange activities (competition, school concert, etc)
  • Set target/goals and achieve it
  • Make sure every committee member is clear on what they have to do after every meeting

Vice President

  • Arrange practices (date, time and venue)
  • Represent band to deal with teachers and coach
  • Cooperate with conductor about the pieces and scores
  • Help president
  • Host meetings when the president is absent


  • Solve musical problems
  • Set and achieve target/goals
  • Analyse every section of every song
  • Polish member’s musical skills
  • Understand members (strength and weakness)
  • Praise members
  • Listen to member’s ideas and accept

Section leader

  • Cooperate with conductor
  • Arrive 10 minutes earlier to discuss with the conductor before practice starts
  • Polish every member in respective sections


  • Record down details of every meeting
  • Prepare meeting report/agenda for every committee member
  • Do paperwork
  • Inform the committee and members of the date and time of meetings and practices
  • Help president to assign the committee their work
  • Collect green cards from member
  • Fill in forms and letters
  • Inform non-active members to attend practices
  • Emphasise on member’s attendance
  • Mark attendance

Vice Secretary

  • Help secretary
  • Book venue for every practices and take keys
  • In charge of the teacher’s attendance book (pink book)
  • Prepare name list for every committee member
  • Prepare contact list
  • Do minute
  • Follow up with member’s info (phone number, house address, etc)
  • Apply for farewell and annual combined concert

Treasurer, Vice Treasurer

  • Collect fees from members (registration fees, harmonica expenses, tag, etc)
  • Restrict band’s expenses
  • In charge of receipt book (used for RM20 and below)
  • Report annual expenses to the committee
  • Collect money from discipline


  • Make sure that every members follow the rules
  • Impose fines to members who disobey the rules
  • In charge of the discipline book


  • Make sure that the store is tidy at all times
  • Record the in and out of the musical instruments/music stand
  • Label every scores and instruments with stickers
  • Inform president to buy instruments
  • Photocopy scores (receipt)
  • Aware of the ribbons and uniforms in the store
  • Sort out the scores and file in accordingly in the files

Art Director

  • Design the board


  • Make sure that the venue of every practice is clean before leaving
  • Fill in the cleanliness form once a month
  • Carry out gotong-royong twice a year


  • Respect coach, the committee and each other
  • Must be punctual during every practice
  • Must inform committee if is unable to attend practice as soon as possible
  • Must give reasonable explanations for the absence of practices

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